Willard College Follows up on Recent News of Sunsetting Majors with a Follow Up

Dear Willardians,

This is a follow up to our earlier notice concerning sunsetting of certain majors.

Willard College once again leads the nation in student-driven educational reform. Effective the Fall 2023 semester, Willard College will no longer have majors or departments attached to said major. Each student will create a program that fulfills their personal, academical, financial, and athletic goals. Students may literally develop any Individual Collegiate Kurriculum. Students can develop any ICK. The possibilities are limitless.

To ensure that students can graduate on schedule, the credits of each course will now vary from .25 credits to 15 credits. Faculty, we refer you to a recent memorandum explaining the course modifications that you will be expected to enact.

Details will be available in the coming weeks.

Provost Vandergrind

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