Willard College: Progress for the New Year

Dear Campus Community,

Allow me to introduce you to the newest addition to the Office of the President. Dr. Gary Chorizo joins us after a long career in government relations. He represented various industries in Washington, D.C., including the Pork Manufacturers Association, the Association of Tobacco Distributors, Juul, and Halliburton. Dr. Chorizo will serve as the Willard College Vice President Community Relations, Marketing, and Student Enrollment.

Please keep an eye out for a presentation by Dr. Chorizo on the 2023 Willard College Rebrand Campaign!

Sincerely, Provost Vandergrind

3 thoughts on “Willard College: Progress for the New Year

  1. Brilliant photo!

  2. You are just saying that…

  3. Where did you find him

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