At Willard, the students have a why

Dear Dear Colleagues,

As we slip into the holiday seasons, I wanted to share an important insight made by my team. The idea that “students are our why” is not student-centered. It makes the whole student-faculty question one centered, selfishly, on the faculty. Rather, our students “have a why.” Grading then becomes our attempt to divine their purpose. Please refocus and realign as you can for the remaining weeks of the semester.

Sincerely, Dr. Julien Donnerpass, Associate Director of Student Intellectual Pathways

2 thoughts on “At Willard, the students have a why

  1. Dear Dr. Donnerpass,
    (Love your name, hate your diet!)
    I’m writing to ask that you rethink your recent communiqué: Willard students do NOT “have a Y”! Columbia students have a Y, NYU students have a Y, Pratt students have a Y….a fine Y on 92nd St! We have no Y! We have a “gym” (which we’re obliged to share with transfer students from Abu Dhabi, Cairo, Ramallah and G-d knows where!) If you and your “team” can’t do anything about that, given the budgetary strictures you keep harping on, at least have the courtesy to get the facts “straight”!
    In extremis,
    B. Netanyahu III
    Class of 2026

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