“Even Better!”: Willard College’s New Thing

Picture of 1960 college student Stock Photos - Page 1 : Masterfile

Dear Willard College communities (plural because we are many communities, many people),

My name is Sub-Interim Director of Marketing and Promotion VanderHook Danish (pronounced like the breakfast treat!) and I am thrilled to announce Willard College’s new thing. We are currently ironing the details. Those devilish details! Right?!!! We think you’ll be excited to see the bold and cutting edge approach we are going to take, pushing the boundaries, engaging all stakeholders, changing the conversation, being the conversation, and evolving. We hope you will dig in to the work ahead of us, let your creativity be your guide, because there are not wrong answers, there are no mistakes that cannot be leveraged into triumph. Stay tuned for updates.

Optimistically, Sub-Interim Director of Marketing and Promotion VanderHook Danish

2 thoughts on ““Even Better!”: Willard College’s New Thing

  1. Are those manequins

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  2. Beautiful! Great moniker!

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