Willard College College of Business Invites Entrepreneurial Innovator to Teach Introduction to Business Courses via Skype from his AIRBNB in Puerto Rico

Dear President Cotton, Assuming we receive confirmation from Mr. Brock Pierce, blockchain entrepreneur and former child actor, the business faculty will be dismissed en toto and the Willard College College of Business will begin the rapid and decisive transition to the first all-remote all-Skype based Business education program in the USA. Willard College will have exactly zero on-campus or even off-campus faculty. All courses will be taught via Skype lectures given by the A-list of global entrepreneurship leadership thinkers, doers, and practitioners. The College of Business will be operated by my self, the Dean of the College of Business, and one and a quarter administrative assistant(s).

Dean of the Willard College College of Business

Jon “Scotty” Wilsbury, MBA, PhD, JDA

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