Willard College President Henry Cotton and His Wife Cheryl Tina Faye Cotton (Over) Share about Summer

We are wishing all of campus a blessed summer and a fruitful resting of mind, spirit, body, and psyche. As we prepare for the upcoming semester, we wanted to share about our summer. Cheryl Tina Faye Cotton’s mother visited us from Kissimmee, Florida, where she lives with her fifth husband, Rick. As always, they made the long trek northward in Rick’s 2018 RV. He buys a new one every January! Henry started to practice yoga (again!) and devotes two hours to this practice every morning in the TV room (which has been anointed by a local yoga master who sprayed the room with water from the Ganges). Cheryl Tina Faye continued to do her daily journaling and in the process found a new calling, scrap-booking. After some mindful discussions, the Cottons elected to buy a new refrigerator with a bottom freezer drawer and no ice machine. We find that machine ice has a metallic flavor and we prefer hand crafted ice. Henry attempted to adopt a new cat but after a transitional period of two weeks, we decided that Cheryl Tina Faye was unable to adapt to the new situation.

With devotional love, Henry and Cheryl Tina Faye Cotton, PhDs

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