President Cotton will not reveal the name of the new Provost

After a closed national search for a new Provost, Willard College is pleased to announce that Dr. _____ __________________, Ed.D., has accepted our position. Provost-elect ______________ will be arriving to campus on June ______ after he settles up his affairs at ___________ College in __________, _ _. Provost ____________ is a nationally recognized leader in ________________ and was the lead consultant on the ________________________________________________________________________________________. He also ___________________________. In keeping with best practices, after conducting a closed search, Provost ________________ requested that the details of his identity remain closed to the Willard College community until _______________________________.

We appreciate your willingness to respect Provost ___________’s request for anonymity at this time. We also remind the entire community that the non-disclosure agreement that you signed is legally binding in perpetuity. Violation of the non-disclosure will result in legal action and could lead to prison.

Have a great week.

President Cotton

2 thoughts on “President Cotton will not reveal the name of the new Provost

  1. what a genius idea, an anomymous provost!

  2. We followed best practices as recommended by one of the top practitioners in best practicing.

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