Letter of Thanks from the College of West-Central New York and the Niagara Frontier’s Dr. María Soledad Fintzsimmons, Ph.D.

Dear President Cotton:   

 I want to take this opportunity to thank you and your institution for helping host this year’s Liberal Arts and Sciences annual conference.  Your institution welcomed over 100 participants from all over North America and former British Empire.  Everyone was charmed by the beauty of the campus: from the rolling hills in the distance to the charming campus quad.  The bucolic setting help but all of the presenters at ease.  

Your faculty embraced us with warmth. They showered us with attention, and praised our academic efforts.   The guided tour around town by the provost was particularly delightful.  We were able to enjoy all of the boutique shopping and indulge in local craft beer sampling that surround Willard College.  To have a provost so engaged with the local community is refreshing.   

 I should also like to point out that the student volunteers at the conference were delightful.  They assisted us ‘absent minded professor types’ in finding the correct rooms where we were presenting, directing us to the bathroom facilities, but most importantly helped us get our PowerPoints up and running.  I cannot even imagine how we would function without these volunteers.   

 All in all, Willard College hosted a magnificent event.   


 María Soledad Fitzsimmons, Ph.D.  

Professor, Applied and Creative Historical Studies  

The College of West-Central New York and the Niagara Frontier  

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