Willard College Abolishes On-Campus Parking and Goes Green!

Willard College is abolishing on-campus parking. Faculty and staff who choose to drive to work will be asked to park at the off-site parking facility. A bus will depart each morning at 7am from the off-site facility and will drop you off at the Campus Center at 7:45am. You can pick up the same bus at 6:30pm and it will deliver you to the parking lot at 8:45pm. To discourage driving and to reduce our carbon footprint, there are only two buses a day.

Thank you for your consideration

Daryl Marie Pruzonne, Campus Sustainability Director and Adjunct Professor of Byzantine Poetry

9 thoughts on “Willard College Abolishes On-Campus Parking and Goes Green!

  1. Sübeer service: A unicycle pedicab company has been hired to fill the avoid and further reduce carbon emissions. Download our App: adjuncts4sübeer and receive one free uphill ride to main campus today! Want more free rides? Refer an adjunct to our service

  2. Since all Sübeer service providers are independent operator/owners, each owner/operator provides his or her own insurance. Willard College is not responsible for risk management; furthermore Sübeer serves to connect users to providers and this service doesn’t imply responsibility for the safety of users and providers, but we do require that owner/operators carry insurance through well-regarded industry leaders incorporated in vanuatu. This requirement liberates WC and Sübeer from all liability.

  3. Are you legally qualified to give this kind of advice?

  4. Of course not. I am venture capitalist who developed the Sübeer app and used the LAWyir app to research these questions.

  5. LAWyir will protect me.

  6. […] the center of campus. The installation of this fuel saving device follows on the footsteps of the elimination of personal vehicles from our soon to be carbon-neutral […]

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