Willard College debunks rumors concerning a rise in food-borne illnesses on campus


Dear Willard Community,

Please disregard the rising number of unsubstantiated rumors circulating around campus about a supposed increased number of food-borne illnesses. Many students have notice slightly longer than usual lines into the cafeterias during the past few weeks. This was the result of staffing shortages. We corrected this problem by hiring several hundred temporary employees. Each one of these temporary employees went through a rigorous 2 hour training in safe food handling protocols.

Finally, we remind you that the spreading of false rumors that impugn the reputation of Willard College is a Student Conduct Code Violation that may result in suspension without recourse to a tuition refund. Remember, diarrhea, vomiting, and dehydration can occur at any time of the year and the causes are usually very difficult, if not impossible, to pin point. It could as easily be food poisoning, cholera, stomach flu, or even dysentery. Who is to say? And unless you are a epidemiologist, best to keep speculations to yourself.

Bon Appetit,

Vice Provost of Financial Affairs, Dr. Glutina Sucre

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