Podules at Willard College


Dear Faculty,

Several questions have arisen since sending out the notice regarding Podules. Below are your questions and my answers!

Question: What the [deleted] are these [deleted deleted] podules?

Answer: Podules are a more efficient, clean, and best-practice way to organize learning.

Question: How will chairs of departments fit into the new Podule system?

Answer: In the reduntification of departments, we have also reduntified chairs.

How will the Podule system deal with prerequisites? For example, how exactly would we determine who is eligible for advanced seminars in biology?

Answer: Prerequisites will be integrated into the podule system as it becomes fully operationalized.

Thank you, Provost Confabuloso

6 thoughts on “Podules at Willard College

  1. How will Podules affect the tenure and promotion process?

  2. Is there an assessment plan for the podules?

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