Provost Pillow explains his Provostal Philosophy


Dear Beloved Faculty,

I know that the past year has been a difficult one, with several provosts arriving and leaving and even a brief period of having three provosts at the same time. Faculty at Willard College are like children whose Momma takes up with a new man every month. After a while, the children don’t know who to call “Daddy” any more. I hope that in the months to come, you will all come understand that I’m for real, I’m not going anywhere (I just bought a house and my wife Kathy is already volunteering at the Sylvester County Unified School District where our children are enrolled), and when you are ready and comfortable, you can call me “Daddy” and know it means something.

So, now that you know a bit more about me, you must be wondering: How is Provost Pillow going to work with, and to, faculty. I really base my provostal philosophy on one word: EQUITY. I don’t make distinctions based on anything. You are all the same to me, just like my own kids. I promise.

As we move forward, please feel free to contact me and we can arrange one-on-one or small group meetings. I want to hear from you.


Provost Pillow

3 thoughts on “Provost Pillow explains his Provostal Philosophy

  1. pillow feeling paternal, and provostal; somehow i missed that he had won the triumvirate war, but clear now. i wonder, is this news related in any way to henry’s court proceedings?

  2. […] Yes, I do agree that it is not the place for a provost to issue a statement concerning his, or her, provostal philosophy. And along those lines, I stepped across a line, albeit an invisible line, by implying that a […]

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