Clown Studies Program at Willard College



Willard College announces the inauguration of its first interdisciplinary major, Clown Studies. Students may elect to pursue a BA, BS, or BFA in Clown Studies. Clown Studies department chair, Juan-Jean Claude Payaso, invites students to consider from the following menu of attractive courses to reach the required credit allocation. Courses that are counted toward the Clown Studies degree may not be used for the attainment of other degrees. The following is a partial list of courses:

CS 101 Clown Studies (required for all majors)

SOC 343  John Wayne Gacey and the Criminalization and Marginalization of Clowns and Clown Culture

HIST 201 Clowns in History: From the Court Jester to Jerry Lewis

ARTH 321 Clown Art: From Athens to Ashtabula

FILM 233 The Day the Clown Cried: Cinema of Clownness

COMPLIT 245 Habermas and the Theorizing of the Clown Question

PSYCH 353 Coulrophobia



3 thoughts on “Clown Studies Program at Willard College

  1. POL 482 — Tea Party Republicans

  2. ADMIN 353 – Provost Training

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