Leading by Following the Followers


Willard College is proud to announce that we continue to follow national trends in raising the ratio of tenured faculty to students, increasing our part-time and adjunct’s contribution to work-load streams, improving the depth of our administrative and professional staff coverage, doubling expenditure per student-athlete while holding cost per student-academic steady, and moving our price point upward in a trajectory ahead of national averages. Although we did not make into the Delta Cost Project at the American Institutes for Research, due to a clerical oversight, our own research suggests that Willard College would have been a stand out institution. No doubt the report would have lauded our innovative FlexFax Teams, our Tuition Reconfiguration Package, our warm embrace of MOOCs, and many other bold steps into the 21st century.

As president of this institution, there is no greater pride I can feel than knowing that students, staff, and faculty, are ready to make the kinds of sacrifices necessary to keep Willard College at the front of the middle of the line.

Best wishes, President Henry Cotton

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