Feeing Willard

Gingrich family portrait


Dear President Cotton,

I was disappointed to hear that FlexFaculty did not have a chance to meet with Gingrich and Associates, during their visit to campus last week. And while we are all pleased to hear that additional ways to stop up revenue leaks and to build a more sturdy financial outlook are being developed that build off last year’s report from the Heritage Foundation, we still cannot help but have some concerns specific to our own unique situation.  Gingrich and Associates recommended that we reframe our financial imperative as part of a deeper move to sustainabilitize campus by reducing our dependence on foreign and polluting oils and gases. And while we laud the Willard College community, including the main  the Harriet Tubman campus, and its decision to reduce use of personal vehicles by charging for parking, we note that this forms a regressive charge on lower paid employees. But of special concern to us is the new credit card controls of the bathroom facilities. Although I have not seen this personally, I understand that most FlexFaculty now bring mason jars to the office in order to relieve themselves. In addition to the humiliation, you would no doubt agree that this presents the campus with issue of hygiene and public health. And these problems are aggravated by the fact that FlexFaculty often share their offices with upwards of 5 to 6 other instructors. I hope we can find a reasonable solution to these challenges.

Sincerely, Hammond Phillip Phillips, PhD

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