Come Visit Willard College

College Weekend

Dear Prospective Students, Are you interested in spending a week at a real live college? Does dining in one of the campus’ 16 specialty eateries, cafés, and juice bars sound like fun? You have probably never slept in a dormitory like the Willard Home Suites. While on campus, you can visit the Willard IMAX Instructional Auditorium where you can watch a 3-D around-sound lesson on college personal financies! Or spend an afternoon with the Willard College Military College Cadets and see what it feels like to fire live rounds with an M-16.

Modeled on one of the nation’s educational trend setters, College for a Weekend comes with a reasonable price tag of $500.00. Should you be accepted to Willard College and decide to enroll, 30% of the deposit will be deducted from the weekend fee.

Hope to see you soon, Pilcher Delacorte, Vice Provost for Admissions

3 thoughts on “Come Visit Willard College

  1. […] Give us a call and stop in for a weekend campus visit. […]

  2. dear mr pilcher,
    all the news about willard is VERY exciting. i’d like to sign up my kid Ronald Bush III, for a weekend visit; i find the discount of 30% off the deposit off of the weekend off of the tuition very good news….and the investment on natural gas, such a vision….thank you!

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