Willard College welcomes Michelle Bachmann


Please join me in welcoming Michelle Bachmann as Willard College’s 2014 Convocation Speaker. In addition to helping us off to a strong start for the year, Dr. Bachmann will serve as Chair of the Department of Political Science during its upcoming restructuring and repurposing.

For those unfamiliar with Dr. Bachmann, please take a look at this fascinating speech that she recently gave.

Michelle Bachmann: A Speech

3 thoughts on “Willard College welcomes Michelle Bachmann

  1. Priyam Banerjee

    Fantastic! Maybe you can rope in Newt Grinch for 2015? I’d love to hear more about the lunar colony.

  2. Priyam Banerjee

    And by *Grinch*, I meant Gingrich, of course.

    Or wait, did I?

  3. abellwordpress

    Thanks for the link to the speech. I’ve been listening for an hour and it’s still going on. Can’t get enough. The background music is so uplifting, too.

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