Willard College, Where Yesterday’s Tomorrow is Tomorrow’s Today

Original Mad Men Laundry Ad

Dear Faculty,

As part of the Willard Forever Plan, we are re-re-rebranding Willard College. As noted on page 32 of your new “Faculty Manual,” you will see that faculty are asked to included the brand logo and motto into all course materials and to incorporate said branding into all lessons plan and pedagogy. Please remember, therefore, to keep “Where Yesterday’s Tomorrow is Tomorrow’s Today” at the forefront of your class. Willard College logos MUST be on all course handouts, including syllabi. If you need assistance in thinking outside of the box, please do not hesitate to contact our office.


Parceque Beaucoup, Dean of Marketing, Branding, and Merchandising

4 thoughts on “Willard College, Where Yesterday’s Tomorrow is Tomorrow’s Today

  1. I think you forgot to inform us of the logo, we need prototypes for our syllabi and in-class presentation materials!

  2. Have you thought of a banner? Perhaps a variant of the old Japanese flag, ca 1941, the Rising Sun?

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