Willard College Will not Bow Down to the Threats!

Dear Willard College Community,

As you know, there are calls from students to get refunds for room, board, tuition, student fees, late fees for student fee non-payment, library fines, grade change requests fees, etc. Some have threatened legal action. Willard College stands firm and in solidarity with its Board of Trustees that there have been no interruptions to our normal teaching standards since we moved to remote and online teaching as a result of COVID-19. In fact, as you can see from this earlier story, Willard College was a Pioneer in Remote Teaching! We are confident that we know how to do this kind of teaching better than any comparable institution.

We will continue to turn a deaf ear to the protests and threats of law suits. Willard continues on the Willard Way. Always against the odds. Always innovating. Never looking backwards.

Sincerely, President and Doctor Henry Cotton, PhD

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